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Linda Lundell

Paintings and Cloisonne' Jewelry




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“Three Irises” 
Cloisonne pendent, 1½ x 2 inches,
24,22,14 K. Gold.
“The Hoh Rainforest”, 104 x 60 inches,
Oil painting on Canvas.

“Self Portrait”, 12 x 12 inches,
Oil on Canvas.

“Shaman Dancing on Water”,
Cloisonne Pendent, 1½ x 2 inches,
24,22,14 K. Gold.

“The Heart of The Olympic Rainforest”,
95 x 64 inches,
Oil Painting on Canvas.

“Magnolia”, Cloisonne Pendent,
|1½ x 2 inches,
24,22,14 K. Gold.

“Goddess with Orchid”, Cloisonne Pendent,
1½ x 2 inches,
24,22,14 K. Gold.

“Pan Bracelette”, Cloisonne,
2 x 6 inches,
24K Gold and fine and sterling silver.

“Dafodills”, Cloisonne Pendent,
1½  x 1½  inches,
24,22,14 K. Gold.

35 x 35 inches, 
oil painting on canvas.

“Rhododendrons and Tiger”,
11 x 14 inches, 
Oil painting on Canvas.

44 x 44 inches,
Oil Painting on Canvas.

Linda Lundell

Linda Lundell received her Masters of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and spent the second year of her Master’s Program on scholarship studying in Italy.  Linda has been a working artist for close to 45 years and she has shown her oil paintings and cloisonné in galleries and museums throughout the United States. 

Linda’s handmade cloisonné flute was shown at the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery and her cloisonné chalice won the International Festival of Enamels. 

In 2002 she received a Centrum Scholarship to study and paint in the Olympic Rainforest. 

Linda moved to Port Townsend in 2008 to be closer to the place she loves most in the world, The Olympic Rainforest. 

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